Sabotage Staccato – 01



Purrgil Company’s demolition team heads deep behind enemy lines to purge Druckenwell’s Imperial Garrison of their precious walkers and tanks. Tweak, Finskie, and the altered medical droid N0-P3 find themselves on the outside of the imperial base looking for a way in.

We want to say thanks to Michael, Nifer, and Erica for joining us on Purrgil company’s adventure. You can find Michael Waldschlager II on the Redemption Podcast and Tales of Blood and Stone, as well as on Twitch. Nifer can be found on Youtube and Twitch and plays with the Second Sunrise crew for Tabletop Galaxy. You’ll find Erica on Twitter. 

Lt. Everson is voiced by Mark Eberhardt

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Robot Gypsy Jazz by John Bartmann

Star Wars Melody by Nathan Mills

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