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An actual play podcast focused on collaborative storytelling through tabletop role-playing games using Fantasy Flight Game’s narrative dice systems Genesys and Star Wars.


Spies Fortissimo – 04

Summary INTERROGATION! Rebel spies, Tag and Bink, do their best to convince Lt. Gunderson of their secret mission to double-cross the rebellion. Will Gunderson join the pair, as an unwitting pawn, or will the tables turn on our not-so-secretive duo? – Patreon | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Donate for Destiny | Send us a…

Spies Fortissimo – 03

Summary ASCENSION! The precocious spies, Tag and Bink, set their sights on the top, as they climb the Imperial barracks. Can they get close enough to Commander Gains to steal the precious, Imperial data? Or will it all come crashing down?  – Patreon | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Donate for Destiny | Send us…

Spies Fortissimo – 02

Summary IMITATION! Hopeful spies, Tag and Bink, work their way deeper into the Imperial barracks in search of a plausible disguise. Can our heroes successfully gather information for Druckenwell’s rebellion, without awakening the Imperial army to their ruse?  – Patreon | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | Donate for Destiny | Send us a voice message…

Our Hosts

Andrew Armstrong III

By day he is a filmmaker and photographer, by night he’s podcaster and storyteller. Andrew once had the big dream to be a hotshot Hollywood director, buying the rights to Star Wars, and making the perfect Star Wars movie. Now he crafts those stories into dice based adventures.

Andrew is happily married with two wonderful kids and is living a better dream in north Texas.

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